Ellevill Zara Tri Lime
Ellevill ZARA TRI Lime
Ellevill Zara Tri Lime

Ellevill Zara Tri Lime

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Ellevill woven wraps are designed in Norway and manufactured ethically in India. They are excellent beginner wraps, strong and sturdy with a good amount of grip. The ends are very tapered making for a neat, small knot. The weave is loose and open, making Ellevill especially good for heat. 

Please be aware that Ellevill woven wraps commonly contain small irregularities such as loose ends, small pulls, weaver's knots. If you are looking for a perfectly finished, tightly woven wrap then Ellevill may not be for you. 

These wraps, however, are renowned for their comfort and amazing grip, making multilayer carries super easy with a wrap that stays put!

100% cotton

Colours: three shades of green & yellow,  jacquard woven

Suitable for newborn to toddler