What You Should Know About Buying an Infant Carrier Online in Australia

If you’re considering buying an infant carrier online in Australia for the first time, you may be wondering what type of sling or wrap is best for you and your special bundle of joy. Here are some tips from Woven Wraps Australia, a family-focused, locally-based company committed to fostering safe, nurturing babywearing for parents and their little ones.

As with all things surrounding small children, safety comes first. No matter what type of carrier you buy, you’ll want to ensure that your infant’s airway is always kept clear. Refer to the Ticks Guidelines for a list of things you must know to ensure safe baby wearing. The slogan of keeping your baby ‘close enough to kiss’ with their face visible holds true for most types of slings and wraps. Always wear your baby upright and close enough to kiss. You will still want to be able to see and touch the top of their head.

Be sure to also speak with your infant’s paediatrician if you have any concerns whether your child is old enough to use a particular carrier, or if there are any developmental concerns. In most cases, healthy newborns 3.5kgs and above can use a wide variety of wraps, slings, and carriers with no issues, but it never hurts to err on the side of caution before trying any new infant carrier available online or across Australia.

Once you do decide to babywear, the benefits of using an infant carrier become clear. You’ll have more time to bond with your baby by holding him or her close while keeping your hands free to do whatever you choose.

If you have any other questions regarding safe babywearing or what infant carrier available online for Australia-wide shipping through Woven Wraps Australia is right for you, we are always happy to share our insights and heartfelt advice. Contact us today to learn more.