How to Choose the Right Baby Carrier and Where to Find a Backpack, Ergonomic, or Mei Tai Carrier in Sydney

If you’re in the market for an ergonomic baby carrier in Sydney, you’ll quickly find that there are numerous options available. From the backpack to the sling to the Mei Tai, there are several carrier types to meet a variety of preferences and needs. They also come in many different colours and styles, some utilitarian, some artistic, and some both! You can even find many baby carriers in our range to include dads in the healthy and fun practice of babywearing. Good baby carriers mimic the ways parents hold babies naturally. When picking out your baby carrier, keep a few factors in mind.


Pay attention to the fabrics used to make the carrier and how it was manufactured. Be sure any materials and dyes are non-toxic and that it wasn’t treated with harsh chemicals such as flame retardants. Your baby will spend significant amounts of time in the carrier and, most likely, mouthing or chewing it.

Back, leg, and head support

If you’re interested in a buckle carrier, be sure to choose one that offers support to baby’s back. You don’t want your baby slouching or leaning over when sitting upright in the carrier. Even when baby is sleeping, the carrier should hold them securely upright and close to your body. Also, when your baby is in the carrier, their legs should rest at a 90-degree angle, and there should be support behind the back of the leg. That means that the carrier should have a crotch piece that is wide enough to reach the backs of baby’s knees.

Make sure, too, that the carrier supports baby’s head on all three sides. This prevents their head from falling to the side or back, especially important for young infants. This will become less important as your baby grows but will continue to be a necessity when they are napping. The headrest should be sturdy; you should not be able to push on it with your hand and cause it to fold back.

Support for mum or dad

Proper body support is essential for you as well as baby. Choose a carrier with wide straps that distribute weight evenly through your shoulders and hips to avoid back problems. Good, modern carriers are surprisingly comfortable, and you may be surprised to find how long you can wear them without pain or fatigue. It should also be adjustable to conform to your body and to make it usable to multiple carers.

Where to buy a baby carrier backpack in Sydney

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