Ergonomic Slings, Mei Tai Baby Carriers, and Baby Carrier Backpacks as Hands-Free Baby Options in Perth

Perth is a bustling metropolitan city with plenty of babies and children adding to the growing social environment. Parents are on the go and often lack high quality hands-free carry options for their little ones. Woven Wraps Australia is on a mission to fill this void while making life easier for both parents and babies in Perth and beyond. As a certified WAHP business, we understand how crazy life can be caring for a little one as well as what it takes to make things a little easier and safer.

A Baby Carrier Backpack Simplifies Life on The Go

Life is hectic and active families are always on the go. A baby carrier backpack can simplify things while keeping babies comfortable and safe. Ours features an ergonomic design with a soft structure and a contoured body panel which conforms naturally to a child’s shape. Carrying in a baby carrier backpack allows the child to sit in a position which keeps the knees higher than the bottom for secure comfort. This ergonomic baby carrier comes in multiple sizes to accommodate babies from birth to preschool so even older toddlers can have some help keeping up with a busy family. A baby carrier backpack is a good consideration for any active family in Perth with a baby or small child.

A Baby Sling for Contemporary Parents in Perth

A baby sling, commonly referred to as a ring sling, is another fantastic way to keep little ones close without tying up your hands. It allows babies to rest securely while enjoying the rhythm of the carrier’s heartbeat. A baby sling promotes bonding and often helps to settle fussy babies. This convenient and versatile baby carrier comes in a range of colours and fabrics from which to choose. Our baby sling promotes the beauty of babywearing while supporting interaction and hands-free movement. This ergonomic baby carrier is worn over a single shoulder with a design that even makes breastfeeding easier.

Mei Tai and Meh Dai baby carriers are similar to a baby sling, but they lack the ring and must be tied. It does take a little practice to learn how to secure them, but the benefits they offer are well worth the time. The Mei Tai baby carrier is based on a tradition of carrying babies which dates back centuries and is making a trendy comeback in modern society. You can secure them in a variety of designs giving babies the option of multiple resting positions. The customisable hold serves as an ergonomic baby carrier in the proper designs. These buckle-free wraps come in different lengths to fit any body type naturally and comfortably.

At Woven Wraps Australia, we dedicate ourselves to promoting ergonomically sound and safe carry options for babies and small children in Perth. If you are a new parent exploring your options or a caregiver looking for sound carry alternatives, check out Woven Wraps Australia. Whether you prefer Mei Tai baby carriers, soft structured carriers, woven wraps or baby carrier backpacks, we will help you find the best fit for you and your baby.