Ergonomic Baby Carrier Wraps, Baby Ring Slings and Ergonomic Baby Carrier Options in Newcastle

Parents in Newcastle searching for ergonomic baby carrier options are in luck. Woven Wraps Australia offers multiple designs of ergonomic baby carriers to make life easier and more comfortable for babies and parents alike. We offer the baby ring sling, the similar baby carrier wrap, and the baby carrier backpack, so there’s an ergonomic option to suit every taste and size.

The Spirit of the Mei Tai Baby Carrier in Newcastle

Most people have heard of the Mei Tai baby carrier, but just in case you haven’t, it’s the process of using a baby carrier wrap which dates back centuries and is making a trend-worthy comeback in modern society. The Mei Tai baby carrier wraps come in an assortment of beautiful colours and fabrics which keep babies comfortable and stylish. There are multiple lengths available to ensure a secure and natural fit in any position. These baby carrier wraps promote one-on-one contact even as babies grow and the customisable hold settles even fussy babies quickly. The Mei Tai baby carrier creates a soothing rhythm as you move which makes babies feel secure. These baby carrier wraps don’t take up a tonne of room in the baby bag and what’s more, you can just toss them in the laundry to keep them clean. Parents and babies agree these are one of the best ancient modern wonders ever.

Baby Ring Sling Offers Simplicity for Newcastle Life

The baby ring sling is similar in form to the Mei Tai baby carrier wraps, but their simpler structure allows them only to be worn over the shoulder and the ring offers a fortified closure. Many parents new to this form of carrying prefer the ease of the baby sling ring to keep their little one comfortable coddled. The baby sling ring is explicitly designed to be an ergonomic baby carrier which can promote bonding. The hands-free design allows parents and caregivers to accomplish more with a happy baby in tow.

Buy a Baby Carrier Backpack in Newcastle for Ergonomic Support

A baby carrier backpack provides ergonomic support for babies and toddlers. Our carrier backpacks are specially designed with soft bodies and contoured panels which conform to your baby’s shape. They keep the knees higher than the bum for appropriately aligned support which takes pressure off the spinal cord and pelvic area for a healthier, happier baby. Legs and hands can be tucked in or free but are never left dangling unsupported. The baby carrier backpacks from Woven Wraps Australia are adjustable to grow with babies and are suitable for newborns up to preschool size. They are the only carrier backpack which can support larger toddlers through preschool.

If you live in Newcastle and have a child preschool age or younger, visit Woven Wraps Australia today to see how we can make life easier for you and your baby. Whether you are interested in baby ring slings, baby carrier wraps such as our Mei Tai wraps or baby carrier backpacks; we have safe and trendy ergonomic baby carriers to suit every taste.