Babies in Melbourne Get a Smooth Ride with Baby Carrier Backpacks and Mei Tai Wraps

Babies and small children in Melbourne are loving the smooth ride and close bonding time they get with ergonomic baby carriers from Woven Wraps Australia. There are multiple designs to accommodate children from birth through preschool age and parents are happy about it too. Melbourne parents and caregivers enjoy hands-free abilities as they tote their little bundles of joy right along with them to complete everyday tasks. Ergonomic baby carriers keep babies safe and happy while supporting their delicate spine.

Baby Carrier Backpacks for Melbourne Life

Melbourne is a bustling city with plenty of activities to be enjoyed. It is often easier for people with babies and young children to take advantage of the many amenities offered if they have a baby carrier backpack to utilise. A baby carrier backpack is an ergonomic baby carrier with a soft structure which straps to the caregiver offering hands-free movement and a comfortable ride for baby. Our specific baby carrier backpacks have uniquely moulded seats and contoured body panels which naturally conform to babies’ shapes. They support a recommended position which keeps babies’ knees higher than their bottoms to protect their delicate spinal cord as well as their pelvic area. These carrier backpacks offer neck support and allow tiny arms to be tucked in or out and in use. Legs are free and supported but never just dangling. Babies from birth through preschool age love riding along in the baby carrier backpacks feeling safe and secure. These carriers come in multiple sizes, so they fit babies and children appropriately.

Mei Tai Baby Carriers for Trend Worthy Melbourne Babies

Those who want something a little less mainstream and more customisable can opt for the Mei Tai baby carriers. These may not be suitable for large children, but they offer a range of comfortable options for babies and caregivers. Mei Tai baby carriers come in a large assortment of beautiful colours and fabrics for a fit that is as fashionable as it is comfortable. The fabric is available in different lengths which can comfortably adapt to any body type so carrying a baby is a breeze. They may be worn over one shoulder, over both shoulders or wrapped in any other way which securely anchors and supports the weight of the baby.

Babies enjoy being close to their parents, and they love the soothing rhythm of the movements they feel as they listen to the heartbeat of someone close. Mei Tai baby carriers keep babies comfortable and happy while giving parents and caregivers hands-free mobility. They make feeding on the go easier too and provide a cosy shield for breastfeeding. These ergonomic baby carriers are easy to transport and you can toss them in the laundry for easy cleanup. Babies and parents agree that the Mei Tai baby carriers are the best mode of transit for babies in Melbourne.

If you have a baby or small child in Melbourne, head to Woven Wraps Australia’s online store. We have an assortment of Mei Tai baby carriers, baby carrier backpacks and other ergonomic baby carriers to assist caregivers and babies of all ages. Carrying your baby with our carriers is both practical and comfortable. It can be a rewarding experience that benefits you both for years to come.