Babywearing Tips and Where to Find a Backpack, Ergonomic, or Mei Tai Baby Carrier in Canberra

Many parents who try babywearing find that it quickly becomes a part of their lifestyle. Carrying your baby close to your body for regular periods of time or even throughout the day keeps your hands free, helps your baby stay happy and comfortable, makes breastfeeding easier, and promotes a strong bond between you and your baby. If you are thinking of trying babywearing or if you have tried it before and run into problems, look at the following tips and tricks for making it work.

Practice smart, safe babywearing

First and foremost, be sure your baby’s airway isn’t blocked, that they aren’t overheated and that their head and legs are well-supported. Also, a baby carrier is not a substitute for a car seat; do not drive, ride in a car, or bicycle with your baby in a carrier. Watch out for things that could be dangerous, such as hot coffee, the oven, splattering grease, and so on, too.

Figure out what works for you

Different baby carriers work best for different babies and parents. You might prefer a ring sling, a backpack, or a Mei Tai baby carrier in Canberra. Your baby may prefer one over another, or one may be more comfortable on your body than another. You may also find that one works well at one stage while another works better later. Try out several, and you’ll find the right one for you.

Practice makes perfect

Many mums try babywearing but become discouraged when their babies don’t seem to like it, or they can’t quite get the hang of it. Like anything else, babywearing takes a bit of practice and commitment. Carriers are all different, and each one requires some practice. Read the instructions that come with your ergonomic baby carrier in Canberra and get comfortable with babywearing at home before trying it out in public. You can also put the carrier on your body before you leave the house to avoid dragging long straps on the ground or getting them tangled up – then, when you arrive at your destination, you can easily slip your baby into position.

Keep yourself comfortable, too

Remember to bend at the knees, and don’t strain your back; this also keeps your baby upright when you bend down. Also, babywearing can get quite warm, especially during the hot summer months. Choose a carrier made of lightweight, breathable fabric and make sure to keep yourself and your baby hydrated and cool.

Where to buy an ergonomic Mei Tai baby carrier in Canberra

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