New Baby in Brisbane? Ring Sling, Baby Carrier Wrap or Backpack Carrier?

Brisbane can be a great place to raise a family, and the anticipation of a new baby brings thoughts of happiness, joy, and anxiety about all the changes on the horizon. A new and precious little life is a gift that is celebrated and appreciated on the highest level, often while being carried for hours on end. Everything from new cups shaped for tiny hands to car seats with baffling and complicated buckles suddenly becomes a fundamental necessity. One essential piece of equipment for babies and parents is a baby carrier. Little ones are often awestruck at the unfamiliar world around them and need to be constantly carried. Whether you choose a baby carrier wrap, a baby ring sling, or a baby carrier backpack, this will be a vital tool to keep your baby safe and close to you.

Benefits of a Baby Carrier Wrap

A baby carrier wrap or woven wrap is a versatile and convenient way to keep babies close and comes in a range of colours and fabrics to suit most tastes. It is based on the centuries-old style of baby wearing which is also referred to as a Mei Tai baby carrier. These are buckle-free and tie around the wearer to allow you to hold your baby comfortably and hands-free in many different designs, depending on the length you choose. The material offers a flexible style and length which can be custom fit to all body types, so you are as cosy as your baby. Little ones enjoy ergonomic support in multiple positions allowing them to feel happy and safe. Baby carrier wraps adapt to your baby’s body size to grow with them and promote bonding at any age.

The Baby Ring Sling Alternative

A baby carrier wrap does take a little practice, though it is not difficult. However, some parents prefer the ease of the baby ring sling. Opposed to the Mei Tai or Meh Dai baby carriers, you can only wear the baby ring sling over one shoulder, but they offer the stylish stability that babies and parents both love. The baby ring sling is suitable for newborns right through to toddlers and provides an adjustable, quick option that parents want. It allows you to carry your little one while creating a soothing rhythm for comfort and bonding.

Baby Carrier Backpack Option

If you are looking for something a little more mainstream, then the baby carrier backpack is for you. The Kinderpack is a uniquely designed soft carrier which features contoured body panels for baby. It ergonomically supports babies with their knees higher than their bottoms to eliminate strain on the spinal cord and pelvic area. There are multiple sizes to accommodate babies from birth through preschool age, and the infant-sized baby carrier backpack even has an adjustable base which changes the width of the carrier to ensure a proper and comfortable fit every time.

At Woven Wraps Australia we care about comfort and convenience for babies and parents. We understand that it can take some time to adjust and life doesn’t stop to wait on you. We offer unique high-quality options to keep babies close on the go. If you have a little one in Brisbane, call or visit us today for superior and trendy carrier options.