Choosing a Baby Carrier and Where to Find a Buckle, Backpack, Wrap, Mei Tai, or Ergonomic Baby Carrier in Adelaide

When you’re shopping for a baby carrier, the numerous options can seem overwhelming, especially if this is your first baby or you haven’t carried a baby this way before. Each carrier has its pros and cons, and the choice of which is best is highly personal and based on individual needs and preferences. The best time to start shopping for an ergonomic baby carrier backpack in Adelaide or another type of carrier is before your baby is even born to give yourself plenty of time to research and so that you’ll be prepared when baby does arrive. Mei Tai and buckle carriers have many things in common, but they also have some important differences.

Mei Tai Baby Carriers

A Mei Tai baby carrier in Adelaide is a traditional Asian baby carrier that has a piece of fabric to hold the baby and four straps to secure the carrier to your body. Two of the straps are tied around your shoulders and the other two wrap around your waist for a snug fit. This configuration distributes baby’s weight evenly between your shoulders and hips, making the carrier comfortable to wear for longer periods. You may be able to use Mei Tais from birth; some other carriers are not safe or comfortable for newborns. Mei Tais allow you to carry baby on your front, back, or hip and the straps can be arranged in different ways so that you can find what’s most comfortable for you. These versatile carriers are also a good choice if multiple caregivers will use the carrier since the straps are fully adjustable.

Buckle carriers

If you’re thinking of buying a baby buckle carrier in Adelaide, this is also a good choice. Like the Mei Tai, a buckle carrier has a comfy place for baby to rest, but the straps on this carrier buckle into place. You can use this carrier for front, back, and hip positions, but the hip position is a bit easier with a Mei Tai. Regarding weight distribution, both carriers are effective and comfortable; both are durable and secure as well. One element that some people prefer in a buckle-type carrier is that the straps are shorter, so they won’t get in the way. The buckles are easy to use and don’t require the same learning curve as the Mei Tai.

Where to buy a baby carrier wrap in Adelaide

As you can see, these and other types of baby carriers have many benefits, and some parents will prefer one over another. When you’re looking for an ergonomic baby carrier in Adelaide, Woven Wraps Australia has you covered. Whether you prefer a Mei Tai, backpack, sling, or another carrier, Woven Wraps Australia can help with a wide range of babywearing products for mums and dads to love. Feel free to contact us with any questions and let us help you prepare to be a great parent.