New Mum Gift Bundle
New Mum Gift Bundle
New Mum Gift Bundle
New Mum Gift Bundle
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New Mum Gift Bundle

The New Mum Gift Bundle - A carefully curated gift bundle especially for new mums and squishy bubs

The Gift Bundle Includes:

Bam & Boe Stretchy Wrap

This stretchy wrap is super comfortable. Specially made from 95% bamboo and 5% spandex. Suitable immediately from birth, stretchy wraps are easy to tie providing the perfect fourth trimester environment. This bamboo stretchy wrap is a one size fits all and is excellent for beginner babywearers through to the most experienced users.


Mama Body Tea. Baby Bliss Tea

A carefully formulated soothing tea suitable for breastfeeding mums, and for easing away symptoms of restlessness due to colic, wind or teething in the tiniest of bubs. Mum can enjoy hot and little ones can ingest lukewarm from a teaspoon or dropper. 

Bamboo Burp Cloth

An essential item for any new mum, we have included a bamboo burp cloth that is super soft and absorbent. Keep it close for the after feed burp or for the surprise little spew!

Bamboo Breast pads

Another new mum essential item, the breast pad. Luxuriously soft and absorbent, the bamboo fabric also wicks away moisture, minimising chaffing. Our bundle includes two pairs, one in use and one ready to go! 

Soothing Ointment ~ Little Innocents 

For applying to dry lips, sore cracked nipples or little baby bums, the Little Innocents Paw Paw ointment is versatile and gentle for sensitive places. 

Babywearing Confidence Session ~ voucher

We love seeing new parents feeling confident and happy carrying their little ones safely and in comfort. We have included a voucher for one session so you can get a fit check or trouble shoot your new stretchy wrap!