Little Frog Bamboo Turquoise
Little Frog BAMBOO Turquoise
Little Frog Bamboo Turquoise
Little Frog

Little Frog Bamboo Turquoise

Little Frog Bamboo Turquoise

Colours: light green, dark green, turquoise (ecru weft thread), broken twill weave.

Weight: 200gsm

Our Tip: Newborn wrapping? Bamboo is the bomb. Soft, supple and thin. 

Little Frog are Polish baby wraps made of 55% cotton, 45% bamboo. The rails of the wrap are different colours to make it easier for you to wrap with it. Additionally, there is a tiny frog on both rails as the middle marker.

We love recommending Little Frog woven wraps to beginners. We love the amazing colours that they come in, the excellent quality and the price!

Bamboo is an excellent choice for newborns and smaller babies due to its amazingly soft wrapping qualities.

Need any further help with woven wrap sizing? Head to our sizing guide or feel free to contact Cherie for specialised babywearing advice.