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The Fabulous Health Benefits of Babywearing!

The Fabulous Health Benefits of Babywearing!

You have fallen in love with a little person and there is no going back... 

You find yourself not wanting to put them down, they are just so adorable... Maybe you find that, as adorable as they are, they just sleep better firmly attached to you despite the gorgeous cot set up in the nursery. Or the dreaded colic or reflux has got you pacing the hall way at all hours... Your babywearing story started somewhere and I am pleased to tell you there are even more reasons to keep doing this beautiful, natural thing - there are real health benefits!

Amidst a world of uncertainty and fear we can find a little haven in wearing our little ones and keeping them close. So get that Carrier, Woven Wrap, Stretchy Wrap or Ring Sling out and get carrying!

💜 Babies who are carried cry 43% less overall. A baby who is content and isn't expending so much energy on crying (read releasing Cortisol, the stress hormone) will be able to use that energy for growing and developing a stronger immune system. We all know stress reduces our reserves and its the same for babies. 

💜 When you have your baby in a carrier, snuggled close to you, you will hopefully find they are less exposed to well-meaning but quite blatantly interfering strangers. The unwanted cheek brushes, kisses or getting in their close personal space can not only stress or overwhelm a baby but could also facilitate the transfer of germs. Enough said...  

💜 Have you heard the wonderful way breast milk changes according to the needs of your baby? Science has identified that a lactating mother's breast milk can develop specific antibodies and adapt to a baby's changing needs very quickly - so if you are wearing your baby 'close enough to kiss' and are also breastfeeding you have the perfect arrangement for that biological milk magic to happen! Go ahead and kiss that downy head - you know you want to x  

💜 Baby's do come down with something sometimes. We do everything to avoid it but should it happen you have a wonderful way to keep them close and comfort them. In a carrier you can monitor and help regulate their temperature, keep an eye on their breathing, calm their heart rate and observe any subtle changes for the better or worse and can act accordingly.  

Babywearing is a super parenting tool from the get go. It facilitates natural, instinctive parenting that can actually make your baby healthier! 

Cherie x



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