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Top 3 Tips for a Super Comfortable Ring Sling Fit – Woven Wraps Australia


Top 3 Tips for a Super Comfortable Ring Sling Fit

Top 3 Tips for a Super Comfortable Ring Sling Fit

Ring Slings are one of my favourite ways to carry my babies, especially squishy newborns or super busy older toddlers who get tired legs out and about. Like most of us, it took me a few practices to get the right fit with a ring sling but once I got the hang of it Baby and I didn't look back! So here are three tips that might just make all the difference for you so you can fall in love all over again.


Tip #1: Make a twist in the back. A simple adjustment to the carrier can make all the difference. If you are trying a ring sling with a newborn and can't quite get the right tension or take out enough slack then flip the back pass before you bring the fabric around to thread through the rings. If you have a stripy ring sling you will be able to easily identify the top rail at the back, or the purple stripe in my picture example, will become the bottom rail once threaded through the rings. From there, once you are set up and are adjusting the tension, you can follow the slack around from the back along the 'rails', bottom, middle and top. 

Tip #2: Start out with your baby positioned in a hammock seat. Once you have threaded the rings and tightened the sling enough to slide baby in without needing to take up to much extra slack, just pop your baby over the fabric and adjust their legs and make that 'hammock seat' first. Then you can slide the fabric up and over their back and continue to adjust from there. At the 'seating in the hammock' point you can easily see that their bum and knees form the optimal M position and you won't need to try and achieve that with the fabric already up over their back.

Tip #3: Ring position on the shoulder. I find this is a personal preference and one you can play around with to find what suits you. I like to have the rings sit just over my shoulder, more on my collar bone than any lower. Some people find the rings slip lower as they are adjusting. If you don't like the rings sitting low, then try anchoring them on your shoulder while you adjust and hopefully having the majority of the slack taken out in the 'hammock' stage of positioning you will find they stay put much better. Also, try spreading the fabric over your shoulder once bub is in and settled. This tends to spread the weight distribution slightly differently and might be just what you need. 

Don't forget, if you are wearing an older baby or toddler, you can have them sitting more on your hip. This position gives your curious little one a great vantage point to view all that is going on. Hip carrying in a ring sling also takes the pressure off your arms if you normally carry your child on your hip, so its a super helpful parenting item have handy when you need that support.


Happy Babywearing!

Cherie x


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