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The Short and Sweet on a 'Shorty' Woven Wrap – Woven Wraps Australia


The Short and Sweet on a 'Shorty' Woven Wrap

The Short and Sweet on a 'Shorty' Woven Wrap

Have you heard about the ‘shorty’ wrap? Are they easier than a 'long' base size woven wrap? Looking for something quick and easy baby carrier but still want the look and feel of a woven wrap? We might just have the thing for you! There is a lot to love about a short wrap, so lets get to it.

Like most people, I started out with a base size wrap and that was great. It taught me the basics and built up my confidence to wear my baby. A base size woven wrap is also a little more forgiving for the beginner wearer, and can also be very versatile with many different carries, front, back and hip and fancy finishes if you’re looking for something new. I just wanted to let the base/longer sized wrap know we still love them, but it’s the Shorties’ day in the sun.

The great thing about shorter wraps is they are perfect for single layer carries, making them cooler in summer. You can become quite quick at getting the wrap on and less length means less dragging on the ground when you’re out and about. Plus they take up really no space at all in the nappy bag! Win win for the shorty!

A shorty wrap is typically a size 2, 3 or 4. When you see the recommendation for a wrap that is base size -1 or 2 that just means a size that is shorter than your base size wrap by one or two sizes. If your base size is 6 then you would be looking for a size 4 or 5 to suit the type of carry you want to try. Generally, the less passes of fabric over you and baby required by a particular carry will lend itself to a shorter wrap and shorter tails at the end. 

Some things to remember:

  • Make sure your child has a lovely deep M position with knee to knee spread seat.
  • Make sure you remove as much slack as possible from the fabric so that you have a secure hold of your baby in a single layer carry.
  • Practice! Getting it right will take a little patience and practice but this new skill is totally worth learning. Practice in a safe place with someone to ‘spot’ for you if possible.

Some of the carry’s you can do with a short wrap are: (included are links to YouTube tutorials you may find helpful)

Short Cross Carry Tied at the Shoulder –

This is a nice front carry that you tie first and then put baby into. It is also good for little ones who like to pop out of their seats because the passes go between their legs and prevent them from straightening out of the carry. Recommended Size: 3-4

Wrappying Rachel -

Amy Wraps Babies –


Kangaroo Carry –

A snuggly front carry, great for newborns or for fussy babies. Also great for transferring a sleeping baby onto a bed!

Wrap you in Love –

Wrapping Rachel –


Poppins Hip Carry –

A great hip carry for the older baby who wants to see the world, or adjust to wear centred on the front for a smaller baby who needs to be heart to heart.

Wrap you in Love –

Wrapping Rachel –


Robin’s Hip Carry –

A favourite in our home, this is a quick and comfortable one shoulder carry, suitable for newborns to toddlers and can be worn on the hip or centred for more comfort. Recommend size: base -2.

Wrapping Rachel – https://ww


Rucksack Back Carry -

A super quick, no fuss carry. You can tie under baby’s bum or tie at the front if you have enough length left. Back carries recommended for babies who can sit unsupported.

Wrap you in Love –


Short Back Cross Carry (SBCC) –

Have you got a seat popping ‘legstraightener’? This back carry might be worth perfecting, and with the convenience of a shorty!

Wrap you in Love –


Go ahead and love yourself a shorty wrap. Be sure to ask for assistance if you have any questions or need trouble shooting with your shorty.

Happy babywearing,


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