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Good Reasons to Carry Your Toddler – Woven Wraps Australia


Good Reasons to Carry Your Toddler

Good Reasons to Carry Your Toddler

Have you ever had that comment "Isn't he to big to be carried?" or "She's got legs, make her walk"... Sadly there is this pressure for our little ones to grow up way to fast and I would love to slow things down a little, how about you?

My eldest loved walking, from the time he could walk himself it was less likely he wanted to be carried. I missed that so much! Then my second baby needed me so much more, and that took its toll. I don't think I would have coped anywhere near as well if it weren't for my experience with babywearing! 

We all have a good idea of the benefits of carrying a newborn baby in a sling, carrier or wrap. But what are some of the reasons to have a toddler worthy babywearing item in your parenting toolkit? 

  • Tired legs - yes, they are still little, still growing and sometimes they get tired. When we get tired we get grumpy and its the same with our littles. If we have a strategy in place for when they get tired and grumpy then we would implement it wouldn't we.
  • Over stimulation and sensory overload - this is one many parents are familiar with, especially if your child has been diagnosed as being on the spectrum. Trust me, we don't even need an official diagnosis of anything for our children to become overwhelmed! Having the access to the wonders of a suitable carrier for such occasions is literally a lifesaver and can help manage or avoid meltdowns, bring calm and comfort and restore equilibrium. 
  • Sensory seeking - this is one I stumbled across in my parenting experience by shear accident. My first baby loved being swaddled and held. This seemed to provide security for him that helped settle him off to sleep. But my second didn't like being swaddled, sung to, the car, noise of any kind, held close if he was upset... he preferred and would actually calm down or be able to process his world more easily if I myself remained calm, wrapped him up and went for a walk. Oh the kilometres I have walked with that darling boy, and either he being on my back to see the world from a safe vantage point or on my front where he could escape the world and find peace in my heartbeat. You get the picture... Babywearing in a carrier that both you and your toddler enjoy using together is that it provides the pressure on their bodies that they are seeking, that helps regulate all the other sensory stimulation that their body is processing.
  • Security - there are many situations in life where a toddler is still developing an understanding of the world. There are times where we also need to know exactly where our toddler is. Sometimes, if you are equipped with the know how and the right carrier, babywearing really comes into its own as a means for keeping your toddler secure. 

Do you have a carrier that you comfortably carry your toddler in? Buckle carriers are great for their quick convenience. But I love Woven Wraps for their super versatility - back or front, single layer or multiple layer ways of carrying, for mum or dad, ergonomic comfort, ideal weight distribution and snuggly closeness. 

Look for a woven wrap that is 100% cotton in a Jacquard weave, a cotton/linen blend, in a base size for multi layer carrying or a 'shorty' size (size 2 or above) for single layer 'Ruck' carries. 

Happy Toddler Wearing!

Cherie x

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