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Five Cool things about Baby Wearing for Dads - with Mr Woven Wraps! – Woven Wraps Australia


Five Cool things about Baby Wearing for Dads - with Mr Woven Wraps!

Five Cool things about Baby Wearing for Dads - with Mr Woven Wraps!

Guys - let's get straight to the point. How often do you think that making choices about the baby stuff is the Mum's domain? Maybe she has given you that hint in the past, maybe you get overcome with all the choices, the colours, the softness, the safety... and it goes on. But here's the thing - you CAN be involved in baby wearing. 

Now, don't switch off. Take it from a guy that is constantly surrounded by every kind of carrier known to humankind - its actually important for you to wear your infants and young kids!

I won't go into the science side - I'll stick more to the human bonding angle with five things to think about regarding Dads and baby wearing:

1. Its gives you more close time with your bubby or infant. Keeping your little one close to you helps strengthen and develop your parental bond!

2. It gives Mum a break right? Any more to for me to say (hmm..)?

3. It gives you some active time. Many of us Dads are pretty flat out. I mean we hammer it out daily - often early mornings, late nights and busy weekends. Wearing your infant or baby gets you up and at it and you're on your feet! Heart rate is up (as long as you keep moving Dads..) and you're kind of doing a light weight bearing workout. Tick! 

4. Baby wearing gives you more access to "Daddy Adventures". Take to the jungle, the deepest parts of Africa, wade through a torrential flood to save the pet cat, explore ancient ruins or walk through the mountains looking for the long lost fluffy koala... That's the gift of imagination and the amazing experiences that come from Daddy Adventures! 

5. You get more sleep! You know what I'm talking about... your baby or infant isn't sleeping too well, they're not well and just want to be held. Baby wearing is one of the best medicines and it gives your child the closeness they need but also creates motion (think car ride) that can make it easier to go to sleep. 

So there you have it - Five benefits of baby wearing from a Dad's view! 

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