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Do My Baby's Hips Look Safe In This? – Woven Wraps Australia


Do My Baby's Hips Look Safe In This?

Do My Baby's Hips Look Safe In This?

There are baby carriers and then there are Baby Carriers. We choose babywearing for all the right reasons and that is a good thing. But there is such a thing as sub optimal carrier types that do not provide the appropriate support for developing hips, babies diagnosed with hip issues or those with potential for hip issues. Lets have a look at what to be aware of and what to look for in a baby carrier.

(Image from the Hip Dysplasia Institute showing a comparison between a carrier that does not provide safe hip positioning and a carrier that does.)

The Hip Dysplasia Institute has detailed guidelines for hip safe baby products from carriers to car seats and is a great place to find specific information if you have a specific need.

What healthy supported hips look like in ergonomic babywearing carriers, woven/stretchy wraps or ringslings: 

  • Fabric should spread from knee to knee. 
  • Babies 'seat' should for an M shape, knees positioned slightly above the bum.
  • Feet find a comfortable 'froggy' position, not tucked inside the fabric of the carrier.
  • Babies tend to find the optimal position quite naturally and should only need to be guided into a carrier. If you find baby's knees are to far spread or feet wanting to turn inwards, perhaps take baby out of the carrier and start again to find that preferred position. 
  • Once baby is seated in the carrier you can give their bottom and hips a little 'tuck' to further create a 'seated' M position as described above and featured in the image below.

You are in the right place to find a perfect carrier to suit you and your baby's needs! Lets chat... 

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