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Its not about being Extravagant - Why having a Couple of Carriers might be Necessary.

Its not about being Extravagant - Why having a Couple of Carriers might be Necessary.

I wanted to write about my personal stash of woven wraps and other baby carriers. The ones that have been a part of my stash but have since been moved on... The ones I will never get rid of and what I intend to do with them once they are no longer carrying my babies... I wanted to tell you that its awesome to have more than one carrier, collect them, fall down a rabbit hole that is real and can be expensive... 

But then I thought about what it was I really wanted to say... its actually ok if you have one baby carrier that works for you and your baby. I don't want to make you feel less for being happy with what you have!

What I want you to know is this - if you have one carrier and its NOT working or it doesn't suit all your baby wearing needs then its OK to go out and find another one (or two or three) that DO full fill all your babywearing hearts desires.

  • If you started out with a base size woven wrap and you have mastered wrapping with it, but find now you feel confident to try a 'shorty wrap', then go for it!
  • If you have been using a buckle carrier but find its not giving you the back support you need then step out there and look for a buckle carrier that gives you the required support.
  • Perhaps you started out using a stretchy wrap when your baby was born but you are finding, as your baby gets heavier, the wrap starts to sag and you are not maintaining the optimal centre of gravity... its is time to upgrade! 
  • You love your ring sling for quick, convenient carrying at school pickup time but you are looking for something a bit more supportive with more even weight distribution and carrying options for wearing at home and for long walks along the beach... 
  • That carrier that was ok when baby was small but now seems to look unsafe for baby's hips, their legs dangling oddly and your back starts to ache after only a short time wearing...

DON'T GIVE UP... carrying your baby does not have to end when the carrier isn't doing a good enough job. There are options out there and the benefits of babywearing outweigh the guilt of wanting to have more than one baby carrier. Having the right tool for the job (just like any profession out there) is an important investment. 

We are here to help, just ask x

Happy Babywearing!

Cherie x

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