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7 Best Features of the Little Frog Buckle Carrier – Woven Wraps Australia


7 Best Features of the Little Frog Buckle Carrier

7 Best Features of the Little Frog Buckle Carrier

There are baby carriers and then there is the Little Frog Ergonomic Buckle Carrier. If you are on the hunt for a Soft Structured baby carrier then take a look at what is on offer with the Little Frog carrier, you may just fall in love ❤


When looking for a good baby carrier you want to see a couple of things; comfort for both you and baby, ergonomic hip positioning, adjustable fit, quality fabrics and finishes, and of course some style. So lets have a look at how Little Frog have brought together all these essentials in one carrier.

1. Comfort - There is padding in all the right places, padded shoulder straps, a contoured padded waist band, and just the right amount of padding at baby's knee. Being able to bend at the waist with little one on the front is a unique feature and the padded shoulder straps are comfortable without being bulky or intrusive.

2. Ergonomic - Notice the wide based seat in this carrier, with fabric spreading from knee to knee. This facilitates an ergonomic position, with baby's knees above the bum in an 'M' shape. This position takes pressure off developing hips and allows your little one to relax in the carrier much more easily than having to brace themselves as they might in a narrow based carrier type.

3. Woven Fabric - These beautiful carriers are made from the very same fabric as a woven wrap, making them soft and moldable around your baby's body, like a hug! The 100% cotton woven fabric is strong and durable yet breathable for easy body temperature regulation. 

4. Quality - Little Frog is a family owned business out of Poland with extensive experience in the art of babywearing. Their woven fabrics are of a high quality and meet all the required standards, not to mention beautiful! The 3 point buckles and straps included in the carriers are sturdy, perfectly capable of extended wear from baby to toddler every day of the week!

5. Adjustable - This carrier is highly adjustable, with a Velcro cinchable seat panel, adjustable shoulder straps and waist band, and integrated hood (for naps!). This carrier can be worn in front (inward facing), hip/off centre, and back carrying positions. 

6. Age/Weight Range - This soft structured carrier is great from newborn (4kg) up to around 2 years of age (20kg). The panel can cinch to 22cm and extend to 40cm in width and from 33cm to 40cm in hight, with the added extension of the hood if desired.

7. Unique - What more can be said, Little Frog have developed a beautiful soft structured buckle carrier that is still fresh on the Australian babywearing market. The unique fabric patterns are classy and serviceable for the Australian climate.  The specific features make this carrier comparable to other brands and yet has its own points of difference to give you and baby a comfortable, safe and long wearing babywearing experience to enjoy!


Happy Babywearing!

Cherie x


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