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Soap Nuts 50g Sample Bag
Prices starting at: $4.70

50 gm sample bag of soapnuts is enough for approximately 20-40 loads.
Soap Nuts 250g Bag
Prices starting at: $12.95

250g bag of soapnuts.

Enough for at least 100 laundry loads.
Soap Nuts 500g Bag
Prices starting at: $19.95

This half kilo bag of soapnuts will last a family of four approximately 6 months. That's a lot of laundry!

Approximately 200-400 loads.
Soap Nuts 1kg Family Bag
Prices starting at: $35.00

One kilo of soapnuts, enough for 400-800 loads of laundry.

This will last a family of four for at least a year!