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Baby Wearing Wraps FAQ

Why use a woven wrap?
Otherwise known as simple pieces of cloth, woven wraps can be used from newborn right through to age 3-4. Essentially long pieces of fabric, they are versatile and can be moulded and adjusted to fit the wearer, as well as the size of the baby. It is often easier to achieve a better fit using a wrap, with a tiny baby. Woven wraps can be used in an endless number of ways to wear baby on the front, back and hip, over one or two shoulders. They can also be used as hammocks, picnic rug, to help construct cubbyhouses and forts, as blankets and sun covers in the car. They come in many types of fabrics and fibres such as cotton, bamboo, silk, wool, hemp. The colours are numerous and designs are beautiful.

How to use a woven wrap?
Learning anything that is worthwhile takes some practice. Learning to tie a woven wrap is no different and is a learning curve, but the benefits are wonderful! All woven wraps come with an instruction manual with pictures to help the wearer. Along with this, you may like to attend a local sling meet or join an online baby wearing group, to receive greater support.

What are the different types of lengths?
Woven wraps come in various lengths ranging from shorties (2.7m) right through the long lengths (5.2m). The length you choose depends on a few things. Which carries you would like to do, the size of your baby, the size of the wearer and whether you would like to wear the wrap in one or two shouldered positions. It is generally recommended that for a new wrappers or to successfully wrap most carries a wrap size 5 (4.2 m) or 6 (4.6m) is sufficient.
Woven Wraps Australia stock a variety of different sizes depending on the brand and availability. Please contact us to discuss your personal requirements or if you have any questions regarding the correct wrap for you.

Where can I find more baby wearing information?