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Woven Wraps Australia
Know the joy of being close!

Woven Wraps Australia is a wholly owned and operated Australian small business that specialises in the provision of high quality European Woven Wraps, Mei Tais, Ring Slings, Soft Structured Carriers for baby wearing. We operate out of the state of VIC in Australia.

After the loss of our third child at 32 weeks gestation, the need to hold our children close was magnified. This loss so greatly impacted us, that we promised ourselves that if we ever had another baby, we would hold them close, all the more. God greatly blessed our family and has given 2 more beautiful and healthy baby girls (yes!! all girls - 4 of them).

Bubby #3 was born a cuddly baby, who needed to be close-all of the time. I began wearing her in a stretch wrap, at one week old. I remember tearing the packaging off the wrap, next to the post office, where I had collected the parcel from. Then and there I wrapped her for the first time, in the reflection of the car window. She snuggled straight in and went to sleep.

I moved from using a stretch wrap and purchased my first woven, a Vatanai Maruyama. With lots of a patience, practice and one steep learning curve, I continued to reap the benefits of baby wearing. I was able to meet her need for closeness, nutrition and sleep, simply by wearing her. This too, met my need to be close and enabled me to be completely "hands-free" to care for my other children, comfortably.

After trying the modern carriers, reversible prams, sore backs and lots of opinions, I found woven wraps when in search of a better way. After using my woven wrap for a few weeks, I was amazed that this simple piece of cloth, something so traditional yet, beautiful changed the way in which I could parent my children.

I have a special connection with "Isabelle" (now 3 years old) and I attribute this to wearing her, on a daily basis. When we would be out and about on family outings, people would stop in the street and ask, "Where did you get that from? I haven't seen this before?". Others would just smile and walk past.

Now, our new arrival "Annie" sees us starting the babywearing process again from new born and... we're loving it.

Woven Wraps Australia is an online store catering for Mums, Dads, family and friends who are like minded or are looking for a natural, traditional and comfortable way to not only carry their precious ones - but be close to them.

Our registered business address is PO Box 1023, Kangaroo Flat, VIC 3555
The best contact number for us is +61405 186 055.

Welcome to Woven Wraps Australia, we so excited to have you here!

Regards from Natalie & the Woven Wraps Team.